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Ballerina 'Wir Gratulieren' Music Box, by Deichert

Ballerina 'Wir Gratulieren' Music Box, by Deichert

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This beautiful Original Deichert Musical Box, the 'Wir Gratulieren' [means 'we graduate' in German], is in excellent condition, and plays the tune 'Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water' without issues. The  There is a color image of M.I. Hummel's art on the lid, featuring four little girls, each holding onto a gift. The box itself is made of wood by dovetail construction, has a red-felt lining that is in great condition. Music box mechanism is exposed. Box is free of any cracks, stains, spots, broken or missing pieces. Great item for collectors or those who enjoy boxes that make pretty sounds.  3.5"W x 4.5"L x 1.75"D.

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