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Watty Piper 'The Little Engine That Could' Hardcover, 1961

Watty Piper 'The Little Engine That Could' Hardcover, 1961

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The unknowing progenitor of a whole generation of self-help books, Wally Piper's The Little Engine That Could is one of the greatest tales of motivation and the power of positive thinking ever told. In this well-loved classic, a little train carrying oodles of toys to all of the good boys and girls is confronted with a towering, seemingly impassable mountain. As nicely as they ask, the toys cannot convince the Shiny New Engine or the Big Strong Engine--far too impressed with themselves--to say anything but "I can not. I can not." It is left up to the Little Blue Engine to overcome insurmountable odds and pull the train to the other side.Author: Watty Piper Publisher: Scholastic PaperbacksEdition : First EditionPublication Date: 1988Binding: HardcoverBook Condition: GreatBook cover in good condition, some corner rot and spots on the cover. Back has a few corner creases. Little to no page tanning. Binding intact. No missing pages. The previous owner's name will be found at the top of the first chapter page.

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