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State of New York

State Of New York Law Books - Set of 5

State Of New York Law Books - Set of 5

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Set of five (5) rare antique, very old, very very old & delicate Laws of the State of New York books. They are in decent shape at 140-150 years old. All are leather bound hardcovers. All are experiencing aging and erosion. Their spines are all in tact with peeling on all sides of books. Some page tanning. There are no missing pages. Book D has some handwritten notes on the inside of the cover. All but one has lost 1 If not both spine labels. Using imagery as description is paramount. These aren’t for nightly reading.

BOOK A: LOTSNY of 1872, 95th Session - Vol. 1; William Gould & Sons, Albany NY

BOOK B: LOTSNY of 1873, 96th Session; Weed, Parsons & Co., Albany NY

BOOK C: LOTSNY of 1878, 101st Session: A. Bleeker Banks, Albany NY

BOOK D: LOTSNY of 1889, 112th Session; Bank & Bros Publishing, Albany NY

BOOK E: LOTSNY of 1914, 137th Session - Vol. 3; J. B. Lyon Co., Albany NY

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