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Eastman Kodak Co.

Kodak Kodascope Royal Projector Model BP-16

Kodak Kodascope Royal Projector Model BP-16

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This listing is for a vintage/antique Eastman Kodak Kodascope model BP-16mm projector from the 1920s. It comes in the original case with reel. In operable condition and working bulb. Great for collectors

Kodak Kodascope Model B 16mm Projector, made by the Eastman Kodak Company, 1928. Model B projector. For 16mm silent film, self threading. Fitted with an anastigmat projection lens F: 2 inches. Helical focusing in sliding mount. Single continuous sprocket, claw intermittent. Mirror and condenser lens system lights gate at right angle to lamp. 50v 250w A1 prefocus lamp. Framing control on lens mount. Rheostat controls for lamp and motor fitted ammeter 1-5A. Threading light. Power rewind. Screw elevation. Automatic threading onto take up reel through adjustable film guides. On-off and forward-reverse switches.

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