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Goosebumps #32 ‘The Barking Ghost’ ; R.L. Stine, 1995 - 1E1P

Goosebumps #32 ‘The Barking Ghost’ ; R.L. Stine, 1995 - 1E1P

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The Barking Ghost is the thirty-second book in the original Goosebumps book series.It was written by R.L. Stine and first published in 1995. This is the first Edition of the book from its First Printing.

The book also features a lack of UPC code on the back.

Book is clean, no marks in text, little aging and the pages are in the early phase of book tanning. Cover is in good shape with about 1/2 a centimeter crease, along with a small patch of corner-rot. It has been gently read, with a square binding. You will find on the top of the First Chapter page, the previous owner's name.

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